Dan Toepper For PUD Commissioner

Campaign to Elect Dan Toepper PUD Commissioner. 
P.O. Box 65001
Port Ludlow, WA 98365

Campaign Phone 360-437-9920

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  1. Dan, you will get my vote for PUD.

    One item that I want to mention is that my dad was not for sewers in the Hadlock, Irondale area. The business interest in that area wanted a sewer system for their economic benefit at the expense of the people who live in that area. Government is largely ran for big money interests. I have always hoped that at least locally that this would not happen.

    1. Unfortunately you believed the propaganda of the newly elected D majority. The original plan was business first $25,000,000! To include government agencies such as the School (in a RAINY WINTER FLOATS ON EXCREMENT) -Library etc. The Democrat majority floated a new plan to include private residences $65,000,000 and counting which scared the hell out of residences and rightly so. Democrats got their way of- keep them poor and beholden. As one might have noticed if one were politically astute and not prone to fear mongering propaganda- I believe all small lots in the tri-area are now non-conforming. Another gift for the working stiff.

  2. Dan rightly questions the cost of extending cable into rural areas when on the near horizon is G5 technology.From critical care to cyber security, 5G data speeds and AI could change lives.
    From faster data speeds than ever before to the prospect of autonomous vehicles, this coming new generation of mobile internet promises to turn several science-fiction dreams into reality. But 5G is also quietly emerging as a catalyst that could revolutionize the most basic of human needs: