Dan working on Electric and Telecom work at Winslow Way.

There are many areas in which I believe that Jefferson Public Utility District #1 can focus on starting immediately:

Communications and community outreach need to be addressed.  Commissioners should increase their public exposure by attending more community organization gatherings.  PUD communication through the press and online should give more information regarding short range planning.

Internal policies, procedures and measuring metrics need to be evaluated or created.  Strong leadership starts with well-defined goals, precise guidelines to achieve objectives and a system for measuring success or failure.  When everyone involved knows what is expected of them and have the tools to achieve benchmarks, internal communications and continuity can be improved.

Well-defined short term (four years or less) and long-term (four to ten-year(s)) goals are critical to fixing budgets, keeping rates low and maintaining a high quality of service and reliability.  The price and availability of water and energy will fluctuate due to markets, climate and growth as we move forward.  JPUD #1 must be proactive in identifying those trends accurately and honestly.  Clarifying what capital improvements are needed is a priority.

I believe the PUD has a larger role to play in emergency preparedness within the County and the region.  JPUD should do a better job of promoting its current participation with other County entities in emergency preparedness and disaster planning.  Examining its contingency plans if there is a disruption of power and water service should also be evaluated.

Systems Redundancy needs to be an area that gets more evaluation and discussion.  Determining problem geographic areas and expanding the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system are first steps.  A comprehensive plan to deal with above ground or below ground communications and power installation must be cross-referenced with our capital improvements and construction by other entities within our right-of- way’s, easements or service area.

JPUD should make every effort to assist in economic development within our service area.  This could be possible through encouraging and facilitating Local Utility Districts (LUD), Fiberhoods to assist ISP broadband service, improving conservation education and expanding rebate options to name a few.  More thought and research should be encouraged to see if JPUD can play a non-monetary role in completing the Olympic Discovery Trail.

I support efforts to make the PUD become more self-dependent over time as BPA may not always be our best option or sole source of energy.  Any steps we take should be well thought out as well as operationally prudent and economically sound.

Low income/disabled assistance is necessary for our less fortunate neighbors.  Communication with the public about how to set and administer those policies coupled with conservation, rebates and working with other organizations need to be emphasized to reduce any financial impact on the PUD.

Lawsuits and litigation are always going to be part of doing business in today's culture.  Our goal should always be guided by the law that PUD’s are governed by.  We should make sure that due diligence is always taken, and we listen to all those who voice concerns about any issue or problem before the PUD.  Marginalizing, minimizing or otherwise disregarding public or business input is never helpful in avoiding conflict. 

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