Dan working on Kingston Pipe Project and Sequim Bay Park Sewer By-pass

I became extremely interested in JPUD #1 four years ago while campaigning for County Commissioner.  During my campaign back in 2014, I started attending many meetings across the political and community spectrums.  I still regularly attend many organizational, governmental and economic related meetings within the county.  However, the PUD really caught my attention.  

I joined the PUD Citizens Advisory Board in 2015 and spent two years on that board learning a lot about the PUD history, operations, policies and staff.  I have regularly attended PUD workshops, public meetings and hearings as well as Citizen Advisory Board and Board of Commissioner meetings for the past four years.  JPUD has gone through some rough water and still needs help setting a steady course.  

I possess the aptitude, disposition, as well as life and work experience skill sets that are a good fit for a PUD Commissioner.

I will work to help the PUD to be more accountable to its customers, improve the reliability and affordability of service and always insure that the PUD is approachable and transparent to the community it serves.

The voters of District 3 and Jefferson County deserve commissioners who can listen to all points of view, give timely and informative responses to questions and concerns then apply that information to form PUD policies or solutions.  Citizens and businesses expect and deserve answers as well as due process because they are the owners and the customers of JPUD.  To those owners I would ask; know how the issues and the candidates may ultimately affect your personal liberty, your pocket book, family or business not just today, but for years into the future.  Insist on factual information based on legitimate research, backed by real law and demand accountability.  

I look forward to discussing the issues with you as I earn your trust and your vote.

Thank you

Dan Toepper
Email Dan at Toepper4PUDcommissioner@gmail.com

Work History

I worked on the Olympic Peninsula in the fishing, timber and construction industries until 1990. In 1990, I joined the International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 302 where I’ve worked as an equipment operator for the past 28 years all over Western Washington all the time residing here in Jefferson County.

Joining the Union in 1990 helped me expand my experience and gain training from employers and the Union to work on utilities and infrastructure installation, remediation and shoreline habitat restoration.  Some of the most recent projects that I’ve been on are relocating the sewer and pump station in Sequim Bay State Park, Olympic Discovery Trail work through Sequim Bay State Park, culvert replacement and salmon habitat recovery on four creeks in Kitsap County, digging the foundation for the new maintenance building at Fort Worden to name a few.

In June, I completed work on the Hurricane Ridge Road in Olympic National Park installing fiber optic conduits and vaults. I am currently working for a Jefferson County construction contractor installing gravity sewer, 10" water main, service electrical and storm drain in Gig Harbor.

Dan Toepper
Email Dan at Toepper4PUDcommissioner@gmail.com
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Gig Harbor Sewer Project                        Gig Harbor Sewer Project

Olympic Discovery Trail Bridge Footings        Sequim Bay Park Sewer Bypass.

Election Process

Dan works on Kingston Telecom Project.

Greetings to my neighbors of Jefferson County. If we haven't met already, my name is Dan Toepper and I would like to represent you as the next Jefferson County Public Utility District #1 Commissioner (JPUD) from District 3. JPUD has three (3) elected Commissioners, who serve 6-year terms. The districts are the same as those of your County Commissioners. The Election process is two-fold. A primary election cycle for District 3 voters runs from May through July.

With only two candidates in the race, my name will not appear on the primary ballot. However, my name will appear on the November ballot. I am asking for your support so that I will be successful in both cycles.  Voter turnout and participation is important in both election cycles. I urge you to please mark your ballots for all the elected officials and ballot initiatives especially the PUD race which doesn’t always get as much attention.

The JPUD Commissioner position is a non-partisan race.  I am filing as a No-Party Preference candidate, which means that I am not affixed or affiliated to any political party and won’t be receiving financial help from any political party.  I also ran for County Free-Holder in 2013 as No-Party Preference and as a candidate for Jefferson County Commissioner in 2014 as a No-Party Preference candidate.  No-Party Preference means that I don’t have anything against people from any organized political party.  I simply choose not to be partisan or prejudiced against individuals who chose party affiliations.  I prefer to deal with the issues and possible solutions in a respectful and thoughtful manner. I am interested in what everyone has to say regardless if you are a Democrat, Republican, Independent or Libertarian; good ideas are not exclusive.